Let’s Go Fly A Kite

Show of hands if you now have the song from Mary Poppins running through your head. Most of you? Good, it’s an appropriate song for this series of pictures from about a week ago! The boys have been dying to fly a kite and the first time (this past spring) was so disastrous that Nick threw the entire kite away because surely it was the kite’s fault and not the user… (For the record, I was pretty annoyed that he threw a perfectly good kite out!)

Labor Day was a gorgeous day here and we brought a new kite to the park with us, on the off chance there would be a breeze. We got lucky and there were bursts of wind that was just enough to make the kite fly a few times!

Look at the air that kite, I mean Nick, gets!

In addition to the fun with the kite, I stuck Lily in a swing! This wasn’t her first time in a swing, but I wasn’t there for her first time so it was like a first but not really. Clear as mud?

That little face just makes me giggle!

She definitely loves swinging!

Posting might be a bit erratic this week. I’m going crazy with work, which is a good thing! I do have a couple of great giveaways coming up, and I am hoping to get my annual birthday letters to each of the boys written and posted this week. Thanks for being patient with me 🙂 If you aren’t following me on Facebook or Twitter, now might be a good time to start! It’s quicker to post a picture or funny moment from my life than it is to prep and write a blog post.

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  • Chuck Wyand

    Nice pictures, but it’s not like flying a kite at the shore. The wind is not as steady.ReplyCancel

  • Looks like sooo much fun. I love these photos. Lily is getting so chunky!ReplyCancel