Let’s Get Ready to Rumble!

So my post yesterday that was just chalk full of love and sweet moments came back to bite me later in the day. Here are the cliff notes of what went down at about 4:15pm.

Chase is happily playing with a toy.
Tyler comes and steals said toy.
Chase decides to bite Tyler’s shoulder in retaliation.
I decide to rescue Tyler from the clutches of Chase’s jaw.
Chase is less than thrilled with this and decides to try to bite Tyler’s feet.
I then hoisted Tyler up higher so that Chase couldn’t reach his feet.
Chase then decides to turn on Jackson (who had since wandered into the kitchen to see what all the fuss was about).
I then set Tyler down and rescue Jackson, considering he is completely innocent in this ruckus.
Tyler is now angry about being set down and decides now would be a good time to head butt the back of Chase’s head. Repeatedly.
I set Jackson down and do my best to separate the mob.
Separation does not work, so instead I observe a squirming, whining, crying pile of arms and legs.
About 30 seconds later Chase discovers Tyler has dropped the toy in all the chaos, so he scoops it up and takes off.
Tyler takes the opportunity to wrestle with Jackson. See?

At about 4:35pm Tyler wanders back into the kitchen and decides he must play with my slipper right now, even though I’m wearing it.
I calmly take the slipper back and tell him he can’t have it right now.
Tyler now acts like it’s the end of the world. See?

Ahhh what a fun 20 minutes it was! Hey, at least I got a picture of Jackson “playing” with one of his brothers!

Today is the last day of Cans for Comments! We’re up to 35 comments. Let’s finish strong!

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