Let Me Show You Around

Three Times the Giggles got a facelift yesterday! A much needed facelift, that’s for sure. Before we get to that though, let’s announce the winner of the Indoor Adventure Guide from The Happy Family Movement!


The winner is Marlaina G! Congratulations, Marlaina! Look for an e-mail from me about your prize. You’ll have just 48 hours to claim it, before I select an alternate winner.

For all of you that didn’t win, The Happy Family Movement is celebrating their 1 year anniversary, and part of the celebration is a sale! The Indoor Adventure Guide is currently on sale for just $10. I promise you, this will be the best $10 you’ve spent on your kids in a long time. Check out their sale here! 

On with the tour! (And if you’re reading this on your feed reader or in your e-mail, I highly encourage you to just stop by and check out the new blog design.)


Let’s start at the top, right hand side with those nifty little social media buttons! Clicking on each of those little buttons will take you directly to Three Times the Giggles’ page on each of those sites. How handy!

I not only updated the tabs at the top of the screen, but I added a FAQ tab that I had only started working on over a year ago. Ha! If you have a suggestion for a question I should address there, please chime in!

The big pictures that scroll by at the top of the screen? Those are actually the 5 most recent posts! You can click on the picture and it will take you directly to that post. Nifty, huh? (Note, I’ve now met my “nifty” quota, by using it twice in this post. I’ll choose an alternate word for the rest of the post.)

These next two items are something I thought would be pretty useful! The first is a section in the side bar featuring popular tips and ideas I’ve shared. I get a lot of questions about the Kid of the Day program, or how we potty trained the boys, or what’s on our Star Charts, so I figured having all of those post links in one spot would prove helpful.

The second section is of popular blog post tags or categories. Basically, when you click on the link that says “Photography” you’ll get a list of all of the posts I’ve tagged in the past as photography related. Many of the “Adventures in Parenting” posts are related to parenting, discipline and dumb ways Nick and I have messed up. Again, just trying to have helpful things on the side bar! The one thing I might try to add is one about my triplet pregnancy and the boys’ NICU stay, because I get a lot of search engine hits relating to those two things.

One more thing I plan to do, but is not yet there, is to add individual pictures of the kids, probably right under those post categories.

So there you have it, the grand tour of my sweet (not nifty) little site! I’d love to hear  your thoughts on it, so share away.

Oh, and did I mention I’ll have another fun giveaway for you this week? No? Cause I will 🙂



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    • This one is called iFeature. Are you moving to or .com?ReplyCancel

      • I’m moving to .org. I’ve got the new domain and my host set-up. I just need to make it look the way I want before I transfer everything over.ReplyCancel

        • I’ll tell you this – you will find FAR more free themes if you look on the actual site, instead of just looking at 48 that are pre-installed on your dashboard. I found several I really liked I only went through about half of the 150 or so that were on the site.ReplyCancel

  • Good know know. Thank you!ReplyCancel