Lessons From the Kitchen

Lesson #1: Be sure to turn your KitchenAid off before adding more powdered sugar!

Lesson #2: Never leave a canister of flour unattended on your table when your children are nearby…

I turned around from my place at the stove to see all three of my angels sitting on the table. One was tossing hand fulls of flour into the air while the other two were dipping their fingers in and tasting the flour. The minute I yelled “HEY!” they all scurried down and ran off giggling like mad.
Life is never dull.

Bonus! Laundry Lessons
When hanging laundry outside to dry, do not leave the socks and underwear unattended on the deck…
What’s down the hole, Tyler?
Ahhh. All of the clean socks and underwear. Fantastic!

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