Learning to Ride Bikes

Last July my parents bought bikes for the boys (a slightly early birthday gift). The boys were excited to go to the store to pick them out and then to get them home and try to ride them. Several times throughout the summer and fall we tried to teach them how to actually ride them, but all that ended up happening was us pushing them around a parking lot and the boys not peddling.

Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago when Jackson spotted a couple of kids from up the street peddling past our house on their bikes. Yep, these two children were actually peddling and their mom was not pushing them. Know what made this especially interesting to Jackson? The boy is the same age as him and his little sister just turned two a couple of months ago. Huh! So Jackson, little kids can ride bikes themselves!

This little revelation inspired the boys to learn how to ride their bikes, so earlier this week Nick brought the bikes back up from the basement, re-inflated the tires and started working with the boys. When I came home from my run 30 minutes later Chase and Tyler had made big time progress! (Jackson apparently got pinched by the clip on his helmet so then refused to wear it or sit on the bike.)

They both have the hang of peddling and Chase even knows how to brake! As you’ll see in the video below, we need some work on steering.


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