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Yesterday the boys had their 4 month check-up, which included another round of vaccinations. UGH! At 2 months it wasn’t too bad – they calmed down quickly and were only mildly cranky for the next 24 hours. This time around it took a bit of work to get all three calmed down and then they were SO cranky when I got them home! Tylenol helped a bit, but what they really needed was a good nap and they were fighting it hard. They just wanted to be cuddled and unfortunately for them, they’re getting a little big to cuddle all at once. Anyway, they’re back to their smiley, chatty selves today!

They’re all right around the 25 percentile for their age group. For those that don’t know what that means, think of it like this – there are 100 babies, with the boys at the 25th percentile it’s like 75 babies are bigger than they are and 25 are smaller. The 50th percentile is average. When we heard the percentile, I smiled at the boys and told them they’re no longer the smallest babies!

A couple of nights ago Nick and I were looking at pictures of the boys when they were in the NICU still. It is so hard to believe they were that tiny! We watched a little video of Nick changing Tyler’s diaper for the first time (I think Tyler was only a couple of days old) and Nick was trying to be so delicate with Tyler! It was no wonder though, the child had legs that were so tiny they looked like they would snap in an instant!

We did get the sad news yesterday that the boys’ doctor is moving – today actually. We had no idea she was moving! Apparently she got married in November and her husband is in the reserves. He’s being stationed in South Carolina, so they’re moving today. She highly recommended her replacement, so we’re going to give the new doctor a shot. Hopefully all works out well, because I really don’t want to go through the hassle of finding a doctor that will take all three boys!

Ok, the big news? On Thursday night, Jackson and Tyler slept through the night! We’re talking all the way to 7am! WOOHOO! Chase almost made it – he woke up briefly at 5am. Nick and I were so pleased with this progress! Hopefully they aren’t just teasing us, and they’ll continue to sleep well.

So with 2008 starting I did a little reflecting on 2007… it was quite the year for us! At church last weekend the pastor asked during the sermon if we’d made New Year Resolutions and had we met those goals… My resolution last year? To have a baby! I know, not really something I have a ton of control over (like losing weight), but it was my resolution just the same. Guess we accomplished that one! I told Nick that if 2008 is even half as fun as 2007 was then I’ll be happy. He thought that meant I wanted to have one and a half babies… oh dear.

Happy New Year everyone!

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