Knock, Knock

Lily is entering a stage that is fun and maddening all at once. She’s saying and doing hilarious things, but she’s also entering the terrible twos (thanks especially to the, uh, fine example her brothers are setting for her). Today we’ll focus on the fun stuff!

*sigh* Isn’t she pretty? I know, I’m so biased!

Ok, on to the video! A couple of days ago, she started telling Knock, Knock jokes, in her own little two year old way. They were cracking me up, and I made it my new life’s mission to get it on video! Now that I’ve done that, I need a new life mission… (For you e-mail subscribers, here’s the link to the video.)

And that’s Jackson that kept walking in front of the camera. He almost stole the show from Lily, I think!  Ah, my silly kids are just full of personality. I love ’em 🙂

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