Originally posted 6.15.07

All is well in our home! We’ve had a lot of excitement the last couple of weeks and only one disappointment (more about that later).

This last week Nick and I closed the deal on our first house! It’s hard to believe we’re homeowners now. Nick is busy packing things up at our apartment (and no, he’s not letting me do a thing) and we’re hoping to move in about 2 weeks. The house is a nice 3 bedroom, 2 bath ranch style home (no stairs!). It has a full basement that Nick and I can finish off later on down the road, a one car garage and a mostly fenced in back yard. Most everything in the house is new (paint, carpet, cabinets, appliances, etc) so it’s pretty much ready for us to move in.

I’ve had two baby shower type events in the last week and a half. My coworkers took me completely by surprise last week and threw me a great shower and pot luck lunch! Yesterday Nick’s coworkers had a luncheon for us with a few gifts as well. They were both nice “showers” though and Nick and I felt really blessed to have them.

My doctor appointment yesterday was another long one – it was measuring day. The boys are all growing well and are about the same size still. They’re weighing in at 1 lb 1 oz, 1 lb 2 oz and 1 lb 3 oz. I’ll post 4 new ultrasound pictures later tonight, hopefully. The doctor is really pleased with their progress as well as mine, which is great because I was concerned with my lack of weight gain (only 3-4 pounds in the last month). She suggested I begin trying to work at the office in the mornings and from home in the afternoons. She said if I begin taking it easy now and can work from a reclined position for part of the day, then bed rest should be delayed a great deal. Monday we’ll begin working out those details here at work.

Today I went for a pre-admission appointment at the hospital. Thankfully they have free valet parking so I didn’t need to waddle across the huge parking lot in this Kansas heat. The one disappointment of the week occurred at this appointment – I was told the government told the hospital they had to discontinue their triplet stroller giveaways…. something about the gift being to valuable and the government associating it with a bribe or incentive when expectant parents are selecting which hospital to deliver at. I was so bummed to hear this! Thankfully Nick and I already have a double stroller and a front carrier, so we’ll be ok for a little while. In the mean time we’ll just start keeping an eye out for a nice, used triplet stroller.

One last note – Nick finally felt the boys kicking! I’ve been able to feel them from the outside for the last two weeks, but the babies are always active while I’m at work and then don’t move at night (which is nice I guess). So anyway, Nick has been very patient and finally last night one of them got kicking (maybe because I was propping a cold glass of water right where he was laying in my belly?) and I was able to get Nick’s hand there in time. He just had a big grin when he felt it!

My next appointment is June 28th! I’ll update then.

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