Jackson Rolls & Sleep Training Myself?

Yesterday, Friday the 11th, Jackson rolled over for the first time! Thankfully, Nick was home and able to witness it (he missed Chase & Tyler’s first times). All three boys can now roll tummy to back. Last night, after putting Jackson to bed, he was doing so much wiggling around I thought for sure he was going to roll the other way! It’ll be interesting to see when they finally do roll the other direction, as all three of them seem so content to lay on their backs and just look around.

It appears I may need to sleep train myself. Nick and I did such a good job training the boys to sleep through the night (or at least close to it) that my body doesn’t know what to do with itself! Twice in the last four days I have woken up for no apparent reason and then not been able to fall asleep for two to three hours. It’s horrible! What kind of cruel joke is this that as soon as the boys are sleep through the night I no longer can? Thankfully Nick doesn’t seem to have the same problem, so at least one of us is well rested.

Last night I got out for several hours and it was wonderful. I met my friend Stephanie at our church’s monthly scrapbooking night! I was able to get started on the boys’ scrapbooks and did a couple of pages in each (front and back). It was fun to hang out with other adults for a few hours and I was thrilled with the progress I made to the books.

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