I’ve Joined the Club

Growing up, I hated the taste of anything coffee. Coffee ice cream? Gross! Candy with some coffee flavoring in it? Gag me! However, I loved the smell of coffee. I can remember walking into a convenience store in high school and college and just loving the smell of all the different coffees they had available, and wishing that I liked the taste of the gross stuff. Even as recently as a couple of years ago I could detect the slightest hint of coffee in anything and it still was nasty to me.

Here’s the thing, these boys have some magical way of sucking the energy from me and then using it for themselves, which makes me even more tired because now they’re really bouncing off the walls and I’ve got nothin’. Before I had the boys I became a fan of Diet Coke, but would just treat myself to a can once or twice a week. No biggie. After the boys I started keeping 12 packs of Diet Coke in the house. What started out as one can a day turned into 2 a day and then 3 a day. Ouch. Not only was that getting costly, but I figured that much chemical cocktail couldn’t be good for me!

A year ago I cut way back on the Diet Coke consumption. I don’t keep the stuff in the house anymore because I have zippo willpower, but I do make trips to Sonic a couple of times a week. Probably if I wasn’t pregnant and trying to watch my caffeine intake I’d be there a lot more often, truth be told.

This past spring I was dying for some caffeine, but I didn’t have any in the house with the exception of a box of Mocha K-Cups that someone had given me (not knowing I don’t like coffee flavored stuff). This was also during the month where we only had one car and Nick had said car with him at work. I was trapped. A friend encouraged me just to try the Mocha and see if maybe my taste buds had changed, and I reluctantly (and nervously) agreed. You know what? It wasn’t half bad and I actually found myself enjoying it by the end of the cup!

Over the summer and early fall I would occasionally buy a mocha at a coffee shop. There were several times I had to ask them to add more chocolate because the coffee flavor was still too strong for me, but I loved the energy kick I got from it. Oh, and I felt like a grown up drinking something coffee-like. Ha!

This weekend I made a new leap into the Coffee Drinkers Club. In fact, I told my sister what I had done and that I felt more like a real coffee drinker now and she said “Helen, you are a coffee drinker now”. I bought myself some yummy creamer (Peppermint Mocha as recommended by my friend, Krista) and made myself a pot of coffee. Yep. I fired up the coffee maker and wasn’t preparing to add a bunch of chocolate and sugar to it (like I tried to do a couple of times this summer).

So here I sit, blogging and drinking my coffee with cream and a little sugar in it. Yep. I’m a coffee drinker. While the creamer has it’s fair share of hard-to-pronounce ingredients, I figure this has got to be “better” for me than a large Diet Coke with vanilla flavoring from Sonic. Plus, this one little cup of coffee gives me the same boost that one of those huge Diet Cokes gives me and it’s cheaper.

I feel so grown up!

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  • Ally

    you and me both. just became a coffee drinker this past semester. oh, the joys of college.ReplyCancel

  • Mom

    I can’t believe you have defected to the other side!ReplyCancel

  • pop pop

    Welcome HelenReplyCancel