It’s All Fun and Games…

Most every day, the same thing goes down here…

Jackson and Tyler start wrestling for fun. There’s laughing and giggling and a general good time, until…

Someone gets hurt.

Then they try to hurt the other and this goes back and forth for several minutes with lots of tears, smacks, kicks and “squeezing”.

Then, one takes a swing at the other and misses causing the other to yell “Missed me, missed me, now you gotta kiss me!”. Now they’re chasing each other through the house, someone is caught, someone is kissed and the fun wrestling begins again.

Then someone gets hurt and well, you see where this is going. The cycle can repeat itself 5 or 6 times at least before they smarten up and just leave each other alone. I’ve learned to not intervene (because it does squat anyway) unless someone is bleeding or about to be bleeding.

The other day, Chase joined in the boy-brand of fun and I decided to play the roll of Mother of the Year and capture the chaos on my camera and also write down what was being said…

Overheard during the brawl…

“Is everyone ok?” (Heard this one a lot)

“It was just a joke!”

“It was just a big bear hug!”




“Missed me, missed me! Now you gotta kiss me!” (Thanks for teaching them that one, Nick.)

*sigh* Life with boys is never dull.

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  • I can relate to this, the boys will be 3 in about a month and its constant wrestling…and glad to see my boys aren’t the only ones who like to take the cushions of the sofa!ReplyCancel

  • My twin boys do the same thing. They’re 7 now, and I’m not sure if they’ll ever grow out of it! Like you said, it’s usually fun at first — until somebody gets hurt, which usually happens. It’s definitely a “boy thing”!ReplyCancel

  • Aunt Sue

    I was wondering where they learned the “missed me, missed me, now you gotta kiss me!” – ya gotta love your “fourth” boy Nick!!! 🙂 xoxoReplyCancel

  • I have huge respect for parents who photograph their kids crying. It’s a perfectly legitimate moment!ReplyCancel

  • Achelle

    Love the pic of the boys hugging. So sweet amongst all the boy chaos. I always feel bad taking pics of my kids crying but it truly is a legitimate moment in their lives. Thanks for sharing a day in the life…ReplyCancel

  • Alicenne
  • I found you at PW’s blog. I love your blog! I have three boys and like how you talk about the wrestling, very similar here. I wrote about snowball fights on my blog. I have been struggling with the “rough” play that my boys always do. I come from a family of mostly girls. I am the oldest of six, one brother in the middle of girls and a set of triplet sisters as our “baby” sibs.ReplyCancel