It’s A Boy Thing

When the doctor told me I’d be having all boys two thoughts went through my head initially. Thought number 1 was “awww, no pink!” and thought number 2 was “oh dear… my brother was really accident prone as a kid”.

Growing up, my brother rode in the ambulance once and went to the ER 4 or 5 times I think. My sister and I never even came close to those numbers – in fact the only time I went to the ER as a child was when my thumb was slammed in the sliding door of our van. Anyway, thoughts of high car insurance premiums, trips to the ER, lots of large bumps and stitches floated through my head during that ultrasound.

That’s Tyler this morning. According to Nick, Tyler was running down the hallway with a book, tripped on something (likely his own feet) and fell head first into the door frame. Ouch! He cried for a bit but then was all smiles during breakfast.

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