It’s 3 Boys!

Originally posted 5.4.07

Looks like I’ll be severely outnumbered in my home…. The ultrasound today confirmed what Nick (and many others) had suspected – it’s all boys for us!

My appointment today was really quick, pretty much all the doctor did was check in on the babies to make sure they’re all doing well. There are three new ultrasound pictures in the album now!

Tonight Nick and I will head over to Babies ‘R Us to begin registering. As soon as we have that done, I’ll put a link up in the “Registries” section.

This week people at work found out that I won’t be coming back after the babies are born. Pretty much everyone has told me we’re making the right decision, even though they’ll miss having me around. We’re also hoping to work out a deal where I can continue to work (at least part time) when bed rest hits.

My next appointment is May 17th – I’ll update then!

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