It Doesn’t Take Much

It doesn’t take much to excite the boys. You should see them running around and talking about the field trip we’re going on later this morning with our Parents As Teachers group. I’m sure there will be some cute pictures to share later this week from that!

It doesn’t take much to mess up our newly cleaned carpets. I learned this week all it takes is a chocolate chip or two falling out of a cookie and a blueberry falling out of a pancake. I  think Nick and I have officially given up on the carpet in the “dining room”. It’s a losing battle. Someday soon we’ll just rip that carpet up and put something a little more practical down.

It doesn’t take much for the boys to make a large mess with their desert.

I looked at my sticky boys and at my chocolate covered table and wondered how on earth they managed that. Then I caught Chase in the act…

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