Is This Thing Still On?

Hey there – long time, no see!

Considering how often I used to blog, it shocks even me to see I went almost 28 months without blogging.

Since my last post….

  • The boys have turned 10 and then 11
  • Lily has turned 6 and 7, and is about to turn 8
  • We’ve been to Disney World again
  • We’ve done super fun trips closer to home too
  • I’ve seen my Kansas City photography business flourish in ways I never dreamed
  • Nick and I have celebrated 14, 15, and 16 years of marriage
  • Gus has continued to bark at a million different things

And that’s just some of the big stuff! If you’ve been following me on Instagram (as @helen_ransom), then you likely already knew all or most of this stuff.

Why did I stop writing?

I’m not 100% sure. For a while I think it was because I had built this blog up so much (mostly in my own head) that I felt like every post had to be perfect and include images. Then I’d be so busy working on client things, that personal pictures kept taking a backseat (my poor photographer kids!), therefore I didn’t have pictures for blog posts.

Then about a year ago I started thinking about coming back, but wondered what I would write about. With the boys getting older, I hesitate to write too in depth about them. They’re at the age now where more and more of their friends are getting smart phones and social media accounts, and we won’t even talk about how popular our YouTube channel is at school (yes, with all of the OLD videos).

I’ve missed writing though. And I’ve missed sharing the sweet, amazing, funny things my kids do and say. But really, I’ve just missed writing.

So here I come! I don’t know how often I’ll write, and it won’t always include pictures, but I will be writing. Next up though is a small blog facelift – layouts have come a long way since I created this one 😉

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