Introducing the Best Week Ever!

In honor of my camera being at the Canon repair shop, I’ve decided to have some picture less fun… Welcome to what could be the most entertaining week of blogging! While my camera is away, I will feature a new video in each of my blog posts. They’ll be short little clips and they’re all recent. I’ve already got the first 3 lined up and I have ideas for the next 3. I expect to receive my camera by Thanksgiving, so for the next week or so be prepared to watch my monkeys in action!

First up – Jackson demonstrating what a cow says (mmmmm) and saying his first word – ball (although it sounds more like bomb or baa). Thanks to Papa for teaching him what cows say and to Stephanie for teaching him how to say ball! It takes a village, people.

And on a totally unrelated note… I saw something fun on The Wright Trips blog this morning! You can find out the reading level required for people to read your blog… Know what mine is? College!

blog readability test

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