If You Like Free Stuff…

I love free stuff. What mom doesn’t though? Whether you’re out in the working world trying to make ends meet or are staying at home trying to get by on a budget, free stuff is always welcome! In the last year I’ve become quite adept at finding freebies. Whether the freebie is a sample of the newest Kashi bar, a box of cereal, gift cards or cash I love it!

Today, one of my favorite ways to earn freebies is having a birthday celebration and new sign-ups earn bonus points today! I’ve mentioned SwagBucks before, but let me really break it down for you…

In the last 8 months with SwagBucks I have earned the following:

$25 in cash (added to my PayPal account)
$10 Starbucks gift card
2 $20 pre-paid Mastercards
Not bad for just searching the web huh? Here’s how SwagBucks works: instead of using Google, Yahoo, Ask, etc to search the web you use the SwagBucks search engine. To make life really easy for myself, I have the SwagBucks search bar right in my browser toolbar. At random times when you search you will be awarded SwagBucks (SBs). Build up those SwagBucks and you can cash them in for a variety of prizes! My personal favorite prizes are the gift cards and cash obviously.
Search & Win
So what are you waiting for? Sign up! The winning is easy and before you know it you’ll be cashing in SBs for great stuff! Click HERE to sign up for SwagBucks!

Speaking of freebies – today is the last day to enter our giveaway from St. Eve Kids! Click HERE to enter!

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