Identical Triplet Problems

The other night, I posted the following picture on the post where I warned others about the exhaustion 7 year olds bring on (if you didn’t read it, you really must!)…


What a bunch of cuties!! Man! (And yes, clearly taken in my “ooooh, look at this sweet action that “pops” the color!” days…. ugh! Live and learn. I promise I didn’t have orange babies.)

I asked all three boys if they could point themselves out, and not one of them could! Top is Chase, and then Ty on the left and Jackson on the right. All three of them picked the other two first when asked which one they were (I quizzed them individually, so told them when they were wrong and they would pick again)! Cracked me up!

Before the “which boy are you? quiz though, do you know what the very first reaction was?

“Why does our hair look like that?”

See, I gave them their first hair cut shortly after their 1st birthday, and it was a buzz. We’ve been buzzing their heads ever since, because let’s face it – it’s easy and saves us a boatload of money! Chase then wanted to know if he could have his hair like that again, and I told him he could if he really wanted to.

This morning haircuts were brought up again, and Chase said something about growing it out.

Me: Do you really want to? That’s fine if you do!

Chase: No… Then I wouldn’t look like my brothers and people might think they’re just twins and I want them to know we’re triplets.

Ah yes… identical triplet problems – can’t pick yourself out of a picture, and wanting to look identical means you don’t stray from the group style! Ha!

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  • Haha, I got them wrong too. Ty was the only one I got right. 🙂ReplyCancel

  • haha I love this! I would have never thought that to be a problem but I guess it is when you are a group of three! Makes me wonder what kind of unknown things my future holds for when my twins get older 🙂ReplyCancel