Ice Cream, & Parks, & Penguins

We’ve been having some fun this month, rain or shine! We’ve enjoyed Free Cone Day at Ben & Jerry’s, where we actually managed to be first in line! Then I promptly dropped my sugared-up boys off at pre-K. {insert evil laughter here}

On some of the nicer days we’ve had (and this spring has been cold and miserable  for the most part), we’ve enjoyed parks! Lily is really loving swinging on her belly and slides. The boys enjoy trying to master monkey bars and big climbing structures! Lily would like to master those too, but her brain doesn’t seem to realize her legs (or arms) aren’t really quite long enough/strong enough for those yet.


All that park fun makes for a sleepy girl! Being worn out is great at bedtime, but not so great for 5:30pm naps. She was one grumpy girl when I woke her up from her living room floor nap!

This past Saturday, we braved the 45 degree temps and rain and headed to the zoo! All members were getting a sneak peek of the new penguin exhibit that’s being built and free pancakes! Who are we to turn down free pancakes? And bonus – we got to meet ICE3 (Get it? Ice Cubed!)! I promise it was fun, even thought Jackson looks a little skeptical of the whole situation. Lots of KC friends then reported seeing us on the evening news that night, but we missed it. Boo. 🙁

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