I Love…

It’s been a pretty crummy last 8 days or so. Sickness, more sickness, still more sickness and tax prep (ha!) is not a fun way to go. Lily was definitely traumatized by the blood draw at her 1 year appointment, because she flipped out when I took her to a walk in clinic Saturday night (another ear infection for her this month) and then flipped out again when we took Ty to the doctor yesterday. Poor, baby! Later today Ty gets to have one of his tubes removed, because it has shifted positions and is poking him in the inner ear – that ought to be fun!

Time to think happy thoughts! Time to think about all of the things I love right now.

I love Lily’s curiosity. Just standing at a window, or learning about tossing toys out of her Pit of Despair, or trying to figure out which drawers she can open in the kitchen. She’s full of curiosity, and I love it!


I love this winter. While I do love a good snow storm, and I wouldn’t mind seeing a little of this at least once this year…

I also am loving that it’s been 60ish most days for the last week! I’m mildly concerned for the lilac bush that is budding…

And the daffodils and crocuses that are pushing up…

but I do love that I can just let the kids run outside! This has been one awesome winter if you’re not a fan of frigid temps and mass quantities of snow!

I love these faces. I love that the boys jumped up to look out the window when they saw me out front a little while ago (taking pictures of the crocuses). I love those silly boys!


I love the way Lily’s face lights up when she sees her brothers. I also love the way she greets Nick each time he comes home from work – arms stretched up and a big grin on her face!


I love silly pictures.


I love firsts. Yesterday Lily took her first carousel ride and loved it! She sat on a big peacock bench with me.


I love that the boys are just about big enough to ride  the carousel without me! Ty is still a little on the short side, but Jackson and Chase come up to the proper mark on the height chart at the entrance. Yippee!

Life is pretty great, isn’t it? 

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  • pop pop

    life is grand ! It has snowed here all day and I am headed on a three day snowmobile trip in two days. All of that said, I would love to go to the zoo with you all. I miss you.ReplyCancel

  • Hope everyone feels better soon. We’ve had sickness in our house too for over a week now – blah.ReplyCancel