I Heart Faces – Smirk

I’ve taken to reading the list of upcoming challenges as soon as they’re posted on I Heart Faces.  I figure if I know what’s coming up, I can watch for photo ops as well as watch the photos I’ve already taken for theme possibilities. I find these contests stretch me, give me new ideas and a level to aspire to.

A few weeks ago, as I was moving pictures from my camera and onto the computer I spotted this one and just knew it was perfect for this week’s theme!

The Theme? Smirk.

The Subject? Tyler

You wouldn’t know it by the look on his face, but this was snapped just after Tyler won our first game of Cootie. Shouldn’t the kid be more excited? Instead his face says “what did you expect, Mom? Of course I’d win. Why do we need a picture of my bug and me?”

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