I Heart Faces – Silhouette

So I was really excited about this week’s theme over at I Heart Faces, mostly because it would give me a new photography technique to learn. I read a couple of tutorials and started to look for silhouette opportunities. Know what I’ve discovered? It’s a lot harder to capture a silhouette than I thought! Maybe it’s extra hard because I don’t have any clear horizons available… I’m honestly not sure. Regardless, it’s kind of fun to have a new photo project to try to master!

Considering I wasn’t having any luck with my picture taking, I’ve decided to use a somewhat out-of-the-box entry. Last week, I stood up after taking pictures of Chase and noticed my shadow on the side of the house.  I just had to snap a picture! So here’s a little self-portrait silhouette of a pregnant lady…

If you’re good at capturing silhouettes, you should enter! You have until tomorrow night, just click the button below.

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