I Heart Faces – Shadows

When I saw the theme at I Heart Faces this week was going to be all about shadows, I welcomed the challenge. I’ve never intentionally tried to incorporate a shadow into a picture of a person (other than a shadow picture I took of myself during my last pregnancy) so I knew I would have to think outside the box.

The sun has been in and out of the clouds today, so as the boys were coloring with some sidewalk chalk I tried to capture them and their shadows. I managed to get a couple of halfway decent ones, but none were anything I was really excited about. I had headed back into the house, ready to load those pictures onto my computer when I glanced back out and saw an image that warmed my heart and included shadows!

Three little heads and three little sets of shadowy feet. *sigh* I adore pretty much any picture of my boys though that doesn’t involve wrestling!

You can (and should!) join in the challenge fun by clicking the button below. Because of the “shadow” theme, the person’s face does not need to be showing. Entries are accepted until Monday night!


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