I Heart Faces – Scenic B&W

This was a tough week for me, as far as I Heart Faces themes are concerned. I apparently either make sure there’s no body visible in any scenery photos I take or I make their face practically fill the frame so you can’t see the scenery! I was looking through my photos and almost used one I had taken yesterday, but instead decided to use one from this past May. Thankfully, the rules this week state that the face in the picture doesn’t have to be visible – so the fact that my boys are all back to the camera is just fine and dandy!

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  • Just a lazy day watching the fish/ducks etc swim by. Awesome capture..very sweetReplyCancel

  • so sweet! I really like the perspective!ReplyCancel

  • Barb

    I was so glad to read your comment about either having all landscape/no face or all face/no landscape. That was my dilemma with this challenge too! It has inspired me to mix it up a bit! This is a great photo. They look ready to jump in!ReplyCancel

  • Great Photo and love your Blog!ReplyCancel