I Heart Faces – Pink Week

I think you would have to be living under a rock to not know that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but in case a rock has been your recent place of residence… October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month! The ladies at I Heart Faces wanted to help bring more awareness, so this week’s theme is “pink”.

Last night I had a flash of brilliance for my picture and I was super excited to pull it off (pink + 3 boys is no easy feat!). Each October Kansas City adds pink dye to the water in their fountains, so imagine the photo possibilities with that! I excitedly loaded the boys up in the van this afternoon and headed downtown only to find no pink fountains. Apparently they only did it the first week of October this year. Darn!

So I settled for coaxing (with cookies) my children to dress in a pink sweatshirt and let me snap a few pictures of them. Two out of the three agreed and I got a couple of cute shots. I think the boys will be grateful when their little sister arrives in a few months…

While I’ve been blessed to not have many people near and dear to me suffer from breast cancer (only my grandmother on my dad’s side), I know odds are “good” that eventually a friend or family member will be stricken with it. Everyone (not just the ladies!) needs to remember to check themselves for suspicious lumps. I have to believe that someday, with the way modern medicine and technology improves, that breast cancer will be beat.

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