I Heart Faces – Paper

When I saw this week’s photo challenge over at I Heart Faces was all about paper, I knew immediately what picture I would use.  Step back in time with me, all the way back to April 2008 and the boys being just shy of 8 months old!

Would you look at those rolls and fat dimples?! I had forgotten what chubbos my boys were.

So here’s the story behind this shot (taken with my point and shoot, in my pre-DSLR days)… I thought it would be cute to prop the boys all up and have them hold signs that read “Happy Birthday Daddy!”. Instead, I got toppling babies, chewed and crumpled paper and about 30 hilarious shots. Oh, and good memories!

You can join in the photo challenge fun, but you have to enter by 9am Tuesday morning! Just click the button below.

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