I Heart Faces – Hearts

The challenge this week at I Heart Faces is to incorporate a heart or hearts into a picture that also includes a human face. During one of Lily’s middle of the night feedings late last week, an idea struck me: what if I had the boys lay on the floor in the shape of a heart and placed Lily in the middle?

What a silly, tired mom I am! Why did I think that would be easy to pull off with three 3 year olds? Nick watched me attempt it on Saturday and just laughed. Finally, after the laughing husband left the room, and the fighting over who got to be at the top and who “had” to be at the bottom ended, we got what somewhat resembles a heart. Look closely and tell me you see it. Please! You know what… even if you don’t see it, nod along, smile and say “awww”. Do it for the exhausted mom!

You have until Tuesday night to enter yourself, and I recommend attempting a less frustrating shot 😉

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