I Heart Faces – Best Face Photo of 2011

I knew I would have too hard of a time deciding what my favorite photo of 2011 was if I included my clients in the mix, so I decided to only focus on pictures I took of family. Ooooh boy, that still was a tough one! Eventually I decided on a picture I took almost 1 year ago. A picture of my sweet girl, who is about to turn one.

*sigh* Oh those sweet, baby yawns! This was one of the very first pictures I took of Lily. In fact, when I took it she didn’t even have a name yet! She was barely (if even) 24 hours old and I had finally been unhooked from all of my, uh, tubes from the C-section, so my first order of business was slowly shuffling across the floor to fish my camera out of my bag and take some pictures of my sweet princess, before Nick and the boys arrived for a visit.

I still cannot believe we’ll be celebrating her first birthday in less than 2 weeks now. Time has certainly flown and it’s hard to believe this yawning little peanut turned into a 2T wearing, almost walking, constantly babbling (and eating, obviously given her size) near-toddler in such a short span of time.

I Heart Faces is celebrating their third birthday this week! Enter your best face photo from 2011 and keep an eye on their site for some fun this week!

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