I Heart Faces – Best Face Photo of 2010

Not only is the first I Heart Faces photo challenge of 2011 a tough one (do you know how hard it is to narrow down thousands and thousands of pictures to just one?!), but they’re doing something nifty with the judging. Instead of having a guest photographer judge, they’re letting all the readers vote!

The rules of this challenge are the same as other IHF challenges… you can’t have entered your photo into any of their previous contests (unless it was a non-competition week), your entry can only have one picture in it and the picture has to have a human face in it.

To figure out which picture I should enter, I created a little album on Facebook with my top 7 choices and then asked my friends and family to tell me which they liked best. This picture was the clear favorite and quite honestly it was the one I was leaning towards the most.

I adore this picture of Chase! He was (and always is) such a willing participant in my picture staging ideas and I love it. I wish I could blow this picture up and hang it on my wall, but I don’t want to promote any jealousy or favoritism issues with the other two. 😉

This picture was actually entered on I Heart Faces this fall and was recognized, but it was a non-competition week so I didn’t officially “win” or get to take a nifty winners button for my blog! I’d love your votes so that I can grab my first IHF Winner Button!

Check out the other entries, link up your own (by noon on Tuesday) and vote for mine (after noon on Tuesday) by clicking the button below!

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