I Heart Faces – Beach Fun!

Yesterday I took the boys somewhere they had never been before… the beach! I was appalled last week when I saw the upcoming beach challenge over at I Heart Faces and I realized my boys had never been to the beach! Now, to you land-locked midwesterners it’s probably not a big deal if your kids don’t lay eyes on a beach sometime in the first 3 years of their life, but to this girl who grew up on the coast of Maine and could see the ocean from my bedroom window it was a huge deal!

Considering I’m now one of those land-locked midwesterners I had to settle for a small, lake beach. Yesterday, after nap time, I lathered the boys in sunscreen, grabbed some sandbox toys and towels and we headed to a nearby lake. The boys were in awe! I’ll share more photos later today, along with the story of how we got in for free, but for now you can giggle at this photo of Tyler…

Does he have sand in his mouth? Swallow some lake water? What’s his deal?

Actually, none of the above! I just caught this awkward and funny shot a split second before he smiled!

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