I Finally Caught Him! – Video Clip of the Week

For months I have had a Video Clip of the Week idea but have been unable to pull it off due to 2 words…. “No Pictures!” Yesterday, we had a break-through while sitting in the car waiting for Nick. Chase was singing along to a song and I calmly pulled my camera out of my purse, changed the setting to video, slowly (so as not to startle the singer) raised it and turned it on. Miracle of all miracles he continued to sing and didn’t yell at me to turn the camera off!

I wish I could have somehow muted his brothers, who were very whiny that they were at church for the second time that day but not allowed out of the car. The first song that Chase was singing with was Boom Chaka Laka by Phil Joel and the second one was Skinamarinky Dinky Dink as sung by Go Fish. I love when he sings the “doom, ba doom’s” at the beginning of that song!

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