So a little over a week ago I started to feel “off”. I was tired all the time. I was crabby at times. I didn’t have much of an appetite and lots of foods didn’t appeal to me anymore. I thought surely I’m not pregnant… Better to be safe than sorry though, so I loaded the boys up one afternoon and headed to Target for a test. You should have seen the look on the cashier’s face when I dragged the Choo Choo up to the check out and plunked down a pregnancy test. It’s best she chose not to make a comment because I’m not sure what I would have done or said.

Early the next morning I took the test while a very nervous Nick fed the boys breakfast. I looked down, saw the line and said “huh”. Nick had more of a deer in the headlights look and didn’t say much.

We’re not entirely sure how far along I am as we were trying to NOT get pregnant right now, but the guess is 4-6 weeks. I have an ultrasound scheduled for next week, so hopefully we’ll know more than. In the mean time Nick and I are trying desperately to wrap our minds around what this means. This new addition (assuming it’s just 1, but if it’s more maybe we can be the next hit TLC show and get a free house) means we HAVE to buy a bigger car. This new addition means the boys no longer having a playroom but my living room instead will be invaded by bins of toys. I’m hoping this new addition also means buying some pink!

I’ll have a video clip of the week up in an hour or two – the clip I picked needs some serious editing, but I thought this little announcement could hold you over until then.

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