How to be a SAHM

It has long been touted that Stay At Home Moms (SAHM) spend their days lounging on the couch, eating bon bons, watching TV, doing their nails, etc. I’ve been at this SAHM thing for over 3 years now and have yet to experience that. I think my time has come though and I want to share the secret to SAHM success.

Step 1. Get your kiddos into a Mother’s Day Out or Preschool program. Even just 4 hours a week (which is what I’m getting) will do you wonders.

Step 2. After said children are gone for the morning (or afternoon), make yourself a yummy drink…

Step 3: Find some reading you’ve been meaning to do. I’ll be catching up on my pregnancy book, some magazines and starting the new book I picked up yesterday at my mom’s group meeting.

Step 4: Find the couch. You know, the one your children generally dominate? The one you don’t usually get to sit on during the day without hearing arguments over who is  sitting in your lap this time. That couch. Find it and sit on it. No wait, lie down on it!

And now we’re livin’!  If I happen to fall asleep instead of finishing my reading, no biggie. If I want a snack, I can get one and not have to hear “Mommy, can I have a bite?”. At the end of my 4 hour break I’ll feel rested, refreshed, relaxed and ready to pick up my munchkins. I can’t wait to hear about the morning they’ll have at school today. I hear they’re playing with worms…

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  • Amen! MDO is the best money Imve ever spent! It’s great for both of us. 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Auntie Laura

    You get that drink, nap, and snack!!!! It is well deserved, you super mom, you!ReplyCancel

  • I am planning to start the girls in a MDO program next fall, when they’ll be 2 1/2. I know it will be great for them…and I have to admit I’m looking forward to being alone in the house for a couple of hours each week.

    I hope you use that time to get some rest and take care of you! I don’t know that A&B will ever have a little brother or little sister, but that doesn’t stop me from thinking about how hard – physically – it must be to be pregnant with two or three other kiddos running around. 🙂ReplyCancel

  • I had to LOL when I read Step 4 “No wait, lie down on it!”

    I want a day like you described. It sounds divine.ReplyCancel

  • what a life! LOL enjoy it to the fullest, mama!ReplyCancel

  • That was my favorite pregnancy book! I use my mom time to go to the rec center and work out. But that couch idea looks GREAT!ReplyCancel