How Fast Time Flies

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Last night, as I was getting ready for bed, something made me think back to August 27th. I don’t know what triggered it, but suddenly I was thinking about my water breaking at 4am, waking my sister to tell her we were going to the hospital (she was living with us at the time), being hooked up to monitors and then being told we were going into the OR to have the c-section! I thought about the first time I held one of my little babies (Jackson) and how hard it was to lay in my hospital room for 24 hours before I could go back up to the NICU to see the rest of my boys. They were all wonderful memories and I almost didn’t want to go to sleep, so that I could keep thinking about! Just as I was drifting off, it dawned on me that all of that happened nearly 6 months ago. 6 months! How did time go by that quickly?

This afternoon I pulled most of the boys’ 3-6 month size clothes out of the drawers and closet and replaced it was 6 month and some 6-9 month size stuff. Pickings are starting to get a little slim as they move into this bigger size, so I see a shopping trip in my future! I’m excited about that though, as I haven’t been able to buy any baby clothes yet.

Oh, you know that picture on the front page right now? Well, if you go to you’ll see it on the front page! Fun stuff!

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