House Arrest

Originally posted 8.9.07

I just got back from my weekly appointment and all is well with the boys and me! The doctor did another biophysical to check out their hearts, practice breathing, muscle movements and fluid… all looked great around each boy. She did ask me to eat something right before coming in next time though – the boys weren’t very active. In fact, she had to press on my belly several times to get one of them to move for her.

My blood pressure was a little bit higher than normal, but it also did this once earlier in the pregnancy so they aren’t concerned right now. It has been extremely hot here and as a result my hands have swelled just enough that I took my wedding ring off just to be safe (I’d hate to have it cut off if I’d swelled anymore). The doctor and nurse both remarked that I have so little swelling and they can still see my “skinny little ankles”!

I’ve been experiencing more and more Braxton Hicks contractions. The most I’ve had are four in one hour and that happened when I went to church last Saturday. I can usually slow the contractions or make them go away altogether if I lie down but there wasn’t a spot to do that at church. As a result of that little episode I’ve place myself under house arrest pretty much – I just feel much more comfortable if I’m able to lie down at a moments notice. However, I still am not officially on bed rest!

I think it’s just starting to dawn on us that these babies will be arriving very soon! The nursery is set up and there’s very little we NEED still (although there’s lots that would be nice to have). I’ve posted some pictures of the babies’ room below – there’s still some decorating to do (I guess Nick has his eye on some Pooh Bear prints he wants to buy) but you get the idea.

I have another appointment next Thursday, the 16th! I’ll update then.

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