Hooray For Sunshine!

The sun is shining again here in Kansas City and it is glorious! You can tell by the look on Tyler’s face here that he was thoroughly enjoying it…

Ahhhhh, sunshine and spring weather! We took full advantage of it by heading to the zoo with another triplet mom and her triplets plus one. The kids all loved having room to run and explore and I enjoyed not telling the boys for the millionth time to stop wrestling.

Awww, a baby Tyler is hatching!

Wait, it’s twins!

Lily slept through most of her first visit to the zoo. She even rode the train for the first time! I don’t think she was a fan of the cool breeze then though, because she proceeded to be angry for the rest of our time at the zoo.

Trying to get 7 kids to sit on an elephant all at once is a tough job!

All 7 are on it now, but before I could change my angle to be able to see Sam in the back, Jackson jumped off.

I love the look on Chase’s face here! Total joy and surprise at Jackson’s hug.

A sign that it’s time to leave? Half the kids are sitting on the ground instead of looking at animals.

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