Here Come the Boys in Black

As I mentioned earlier this week, I dressed the boys up in their wedding attire one last time last week just to take some pictures. The little photo shoot had me giggling so hard and Nick said it was quite entertaining to watch from inside the house. I’m going to let most of these pictures speak for themselves but I do have two things to say about them:

1. I was laughing so hard at the boys that I didn’t even notice they were now moving around too fast for the settings I had selected. Most of the funny shots are blurry as a result, and it bums me out!

2. Their very favorite group, Go Fish, has a CD called Snazzy (probably my favorite kids CD) and on the cover the Go Fish Guys are all in suits and have a couple of silly poses – that was the boys’ inspiration behind their hilarious antics.

I should have known when we started with a “test shot” like this that things would go in a silly direction…

Adding Lily to the mix didn’t help much either. In fact, I think she was a bit concerned…

I can assure you that Chase did not punch Lily in the head.

Lily to Nick: “Daddy, get me out of here!

I happily claim these goofballs as my own, even though they were annoying the snot out of me yesterday with their constant fighting and whining!

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  • Jenni

    You’ll have to keep these photos in mind in 15 years when the boys are going to Prom and have them do the same thing 🙂 I love all your great photos!!!!ReplyCancel

    • Yes! That would be awesome to do! The question is, where could I put a note to myself so I’ll remember to do it? 😉ReplyCancel

    • And that’ll happen quicker than you know! Great shots, Helen. 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Aunt Sue

    Ah, like father, like mother – all lovable goof balls!!!!ReplyCancel

  • I love, love, love these. Seriously makes me want twin or triplets. So cute.ReplyCancel

    • I’ll wish some on you, Sarah 😉 They are an awful lot of fun!ReplyCancel

  • Alicenne

    So adorable! And the pictures belong on the cover of a magazine!ReplyCancel

  • oh my god.. they are so cute..ReplyCancel

  • The first one is hysterical. They look like short Secret Service agents.ReplyCancel

  • OhMyGoodness!!! Those are adorable. I love it. And they do look like short Secret Service agents. They just need the little ear thingys. Awesome pictures!ReplyCancel

  • These shots are absolutely adorable!ReplyCancel