Helen’s Birth Update

Originally posted 8.29.07

I finally have a minute to breathe and update here!

First, thank you all for your prayers – they have obviously been working. Not only did I have a great pregnancy, but the boys are doing wonderfully in the NICU! I wanted to give you a little insight into the last 3 days while sparing you the gross details (like things we overheard during the c-section).

Monday morning at 4am my water broke. I don’t think I’ve gotten out of bed that fast in months! Once in the bathroom I realized that for sure that’s what was going on and I woke Nick up. Thankfully just hours before this all happened I had decided we should have my bag packed – “just in case”, so we were able to grab our things quickly and were out the door in minutes. On the way to the hospital I called the on-call doctor to let him know my water broke and we were on our way. 15 minutes later we were walking (yes I walked in) into the Labor and Delivery unit of the hospital, where they hooked me up to heart monitors for all three boys and hooked up a contraction monitor. I didn’t even realize at the time that I was contracting! The nurse checked for dilation and I was 3 cm, by the time the doctor checked me 45 minutes later I was 5 cm and I could feel some of the contractions! At that point the Dr. said we were having the babies and off we went to the OR for my c-section. It was so odd to suddenly go from no kids to 3 kids within 2 hours time!

After my initial C-section recovery in Labor and Delivery I was rolled up (bed and all) to the NICU so I could see my boys. They even let me hold little Jackson 🙂

The rest of my day was spent in bed, constantly being poked and prodded by nurses and doctors. Nick made several trips up to the NICU so that he could keep me updated. I’m feeling better and better each day, and there’s talk of discharging me tomorrow perhaps (depending on how I feel).

The boys are doing remarkably well right now. They have yet to need any breathing assistance! All three are wigglers, but especially Tyler – he’s constantly wiggling all the way to the edge of his isolette. Earlier today Tyler had his IV removed and the nurses are hoping Jackson and Chase will follow later tonight. All three now have feeding tubes in their noses and are taking food well. Chase is under some photo-therapy lights right now due to some jaundice, which is to be expected. All three boys have now been held by one of us – Nick held Chase yesterday and I held Tyler today! Hopefully we’ll have some more pictures to post soon – my digital camera decided now would be a good time to not work anymore… grrr!

Love to you all!

Jackson 4lbs 4oz

Tyler 3lbs 11oz

Chase 4lbs 7oz

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