Helen Reviews a Product

I’ve decided to take a page from Nick’s blog and review a product. The product? Baby Signing Time DVDs.

I’d heard parents mention the Baby Signing Time series but I had never seen it before and was content with my Baby Einstein My First Signs DVD. The boys love anything and everything Baby Einstein so this signing video was a hit with them. With the boys finally starting to sign though (see “Finally a Sign“) I thought a couple more DVDs, featuring more signs for them might be good. After a quick search of my public library’s catalog I found a plethora of Baby Signing Time DVDs. I put in a hold request for the first two and about a week later picked the DVDs up.

From the very first time we popped the first DVD in (6 days ago) the boys were hooked. The songs are catchy (I think Nick and I even know the words!) and the graphics are fun. I think the boys like seeing other “babies” and toddlers doing the signs too.

In the 6 days since we started watching the DVDs I’ve seen an increase in the number of signs the boys can and will do. Just yesterday Chase came up to me while I was eating an apple and signed “eat”. I told him to say “please” and did the sign for him. He said “please” back and I gave him a bite! If I sign “Baby Signing Time” to the boys Jackson tries to do it back and they all run for the TV. I’ll definitely be checking out more of these DVDs!

And to those of you with “older” babies or toddlers that haven’t tried teaching sign, I’d encourage you to pick up one or two of these DVDs at your library and just see what happens when you show them. It’s probably not too late to start!

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