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It was an interesting few days for our family. On Friday morning I took Jackson to the local children’s hospital to meet with a surgeon about Jackson’s herniated belly button. The doctor said the actual hernia is very small (the belly button sticks up about an inch though) and he figures there’s an 80-90% chance it will fix itself by the time Jackson is 4 or 5, so we’re not going to do surgery now.

On Sunday night Chase was quite cranky and acting very uncomfortable. At 3am we discovered why. When Nick changed Chase’s diaper there was blood mixed in with diarrhea. Then, to make matters worse Chase didn’t want to eat (which is very unlike him)! I called the nurse line our insurance company provides and after explaining the situation she advised I call the on-call doctor from the boys’ doctor’s office. The on-call doctor decided Chase should go to the urgent care clinic at the local children’s hospital, so at 4am I loaded up Chase and headed out while Nick stayed with the other two boys. After some tests and x-rays they determined he either had a viral infection or it was the beginning of lactose intolerance, but they were pretty sure it was viral and would work itself out in a day or two. I’m happy to say Chase was his normal happy self yesterday and so far today! My only prayer is that if it is viral that the other two boys don’t catch it.

And now for a little growth perspective…. Below are two pictures. One is of Jackson & Chase together exactly 2 months ago (Sept 12th) and one of just Chase, taken today. As you can see, there’s no way we could fit two in here now! They’re getting so big (and by big I mean the size of the typical newborn…)!


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