Having a Ball

Originally I had planned to blog today about the boys’ 15 month appointment. You know, all the fun stuff about how big they are, how many teeth they have, new words they say, etc. However, yesterday afternoon Jackson spiked a fever of 102 so we had to postpone their appointment. He seems to be doing a bit better today, so hopefully it was just a one time thing. Now, on with the fun stuff!

Back in my pre-triplet days I enjoyed working out enough that I invested in a balance ball. I bought it probably 4-5 years ago and used it intermittently. Well, it’s been just sitting unused now for about 2 years; crunches are frowned upon when you’re carrying triplets and after the birth my abs were in such bad shape that regular crunches were torture enough.
A few weeks ago I decided my abs were ready for the next step, so I pulled the ball out again. You should have seen the way the boys’ eyes lit up when they saw me carry a giant, blue ball into the house! After my workout, I cleaned the ball off really well and let the boys have at it. They had a ball! Tyler especially loved it. Here are a few pictures of the fun they had.

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