Happy Thanksgiving!

I like to think that Jackson, Tyler and Chase would say they are thankful for the following. That is, if they knew more signs or knew more words than mama, dada, duck, ball and that cows go moo.

Things we’re thankful for, as babbled to Mommy.

  • Mommy and Daddy
  • Days that Daddy can stay home and play with us
  • That we got to see both sets of grandparents this fall
  • That Aunt Laura lives close enough to come play with us once a week
  • Snack traps full of goldfish
  • Baking Day (Tuesdays!) – we always get a cookie
  • All the awesome toys we have
  • Fun times in the church nursery – we’re going to miss those good times during RSV season
  • Baby Signing Time DVDs – Chase especially loves them
  • Our Choo Choo Wagon – now we ride in style
  • That Mommy and Daddy taught us signs – now we tell them when we’re hungry or thirsty

Those are just a few of the many things Jackson, Tyler and Chase are thankful for!

I know I’m thankful for my amazing and helpful husband Nick and for all the incredible ways God continues to provide for this family.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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