Happy Birthday Super Dad!

My wonderful, amazing husband turns 29 today! I really can not say enough good things about the man, after all he:

  • Insists on letting me sleep a bit longer in the morning while he gets the boys up, dressed and fed.
  • Insists on taking on the harder of the nightly clean up duties – the dreaded kitchen and dining room!
  • Insists on being the one to clean the bathrooms. (He’s been like that since we got married.)
  • If I’m feeling the slightest bit tired or sick or have just had a hard day, he insists on doing all of the night time clean up while I relax on the couch.
  • He has yet to miss a doctor appointment for all three boys, and if the appointment is only for one child he lets me drop the other two off with him at work so that I can focus on just the one.
  • If I’m having a terrible day or am sick, all I have to do is call him and he’ll come home to help me.

I really could not ask for anything more from Nick and neither could the boys. They love it when Daddy is home for the weekends and sometimes they get upset when he leaves for work. When he pulls into the driveway their eyes light up and delighted screams echo through the house.

Happy Birthday Nick! We love you!

(This picture is from last year and is a shot I plan to take every year I just haven’t done this year’s yet!)

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