Happy Birthday, Lily!

Miss Lily turned 2 yesterday. TWO! How is she two already?! She doesn’t have her two year well-check until the end of the week, so the fun stats (and I know you’re all dying to know just how big she is now!) will have to wait. For now though, I can share the two year pictures I took of her on Friday, and her annual birthday letter! (Party pics to come tomorrow.)

And this is how I bribed her…. chocolate chips! I thought about cropping so you couldn’t see as much of the background, but then thought some of you might find it interesting to see a semi-pullback of the set-up! As you can see, this is not my real wall or floors.


Dear Lily,

Oh, Munchkin, how is it that you’re two years old already?! We cannot believe how much you have grown and changed in the last year. In the last year, you’ve mastered walking, running, climbing, and wrestling. You talk, sign and laugh with the best of them. You totally have this potty training thing under control, and you’re a master at dumping out baskets of toys…. right after your brothers picked them up.

Your brothers (especially Jackson) absolutely adore you! Well, they adore you most of the time. It really irritates them when you sit directly in front of them while they’re playing a video game, or when  you turn the TV off while they’re watching it. Secretly, that makes me laugh though, because they used  to turn the TV off on me and it drove me nuts! (I’m especially remembering when I tried watching the inauguration 4 years ago!)

I’ve loved watching your little mothering instincts emerging this year. Without any leading at all, you suddenly started putting blankets over stuffed animals, and offering them drinks from your cups or offering your pacifier. Since getting a few baby dolls and accessories for Christmas (and now your birthday too), the “mothering” has really taken off! It’s just adorable to watch!

We can’t wait to see what new things you do in the coming year. We love you Lily, and are so glad you’re in our lives!



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  • Cheryl

    Happy Birthday, Lily!!! She’s soo cute. The 18 month pic is my favorite!!ReplyCancel

  • That’s one of my all-time favorites of her too, Cheryl! I have a feeling it’ll be a long time before that one comes off my wall (if ever).ReplyCancel

  • Anna

    Oh my Helen, adorable. I love the pictures and the letter is so sweet. Great Idea, I may start doing this on future birthdays!ReplyCancel

    • Steal away, Anna! I love doing them each year, and figure some day my kids will get a kick out of reading them!ReplyCancel

  • pop pop

    You certainly do have a beautiful family Helen. You have learned well how to enjoy each new stage. Love you.ReplyCancel

  • Love all that hair!
    Adorable pictures.ReplyCancel

    • Thanks, Sarah! She certainly isn’t lacking in the hair dept 🙂ReplyCancel

  • First things first – Happy Birthday to Miss Lily! Two years have certainly passed quickly from my standpoint!

    Next, condolences to the family at the passing of Nick’s grandfather. Prayers for strength and comfort are with you.

    Then, I have just finished reading Adam Hamilton’s sermon given for the 2013 Inaugural Prayer Service. What a amazing congregation to be a part of in KC, particularly with such an outstanding visio of our mission in the world!

    Sending blessings and hopes for peace and joy! xo NellieReplyCancel

  • Happy birthday, Miss Lily!

    It has been so much fun to watch this precious baby grow…she is so full of life, you can just tell from those amazing pictures! Hope you all had a great day of celebration! 🙂 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Monica S

    Love the 2 year shot with the sucker almost in her mouth… She has such a delightful expression on her face! Adorable! Happy birthday, Lily!ReplyCancel