Halloween Fun

Allow me to tell you the saga of our Halloween….

As of last Wednesday morning Chase still hadn’t decided what he wanted to be. The next day he was supposed to bring (not wear, just bring) his costume to school for show and tell.

Wednesday afternoon: “Chase, you have to decide right now what you want to be so I can make your costume!”

Chase: I want to be a camera.

Awesome! So we spent a good deal of time on Wednesday buying supplies and figuring out how to construct a camera costume for Chase. On top of that, I had procrastinated a bit on Ty’s pumpkin costume – I had (what I thought) was a super-simple plan for making his costume but then had a terrible time finding the item needed! Doh! Needless to say, his costume was pretty horrific looking, and it didn’t help that halfway through trick-or-treating he decided he wanted to be “a skinny pumpkin”. Ha!

This weekend I was going through Lily’s totes of hand me downs, putting away stuff that was too small and bringing out (gasp!) size 24 month stuff. As I was doing this I thought “Uh oh, I think the costume we were given this summer is size 12 month…”

Yep. No longer fits her. GAH!

So here’s the deal – not only did I not really want to venture out to try to find a last minute costume for my chunky 9 month old, but the whole reason Jackson wanted to be a sheep was so that he could “match Lily”. No way was I going to upset that delicate balance!

So here’s my motley crew and their slapped together, cheap-o, too small costumes…

Cracked me up the way Lily kept looking at Nick!

My half-sheep.

(Totally forgot to take a picture of her with the regular camera, so you get a cell phone pic of her and Chase)

Chase’s camera costume, front and back.

So when Chase brought the costume to school last week, it was totally plain on the back. Then I started thinking about it and figured I had an extra 8×10 laying around and I could glue it on to look like a picture in the LCD screen on the back. Sweet! So when I proudly showed Chase the first thing out of his mouth was “But Mommy, I didn’t take a picture of Lily!”

Struck me as funny that the kid with the most last minute costume decision ended up with what I think was the best costume of the bunch!

Don’t they look like they’re ready for some fun with their Aunt Laura?

That’s better!

And we’re off!

Despite the fact that our neighborhood was a Halloween dud for the 2nd year in a row (I think we’ll find somewhere different to go next year, even if it’s just to a mall), the boys had fun. They were begging to go look for more houses with lights on, but they’d already been around the block and then some and it was getting late. This morning they asked if it would be Halloween again soon!

Oh, and we also carved pumpkins the other day. Apparently I managed to not ever get a picture of the finished products and they’re rotting and gross smelling now, so I’m not going out to take a picture. You’ll have to settle for action shots 🙂

Hope you all had a fun Halloween, even you East Coast people who had snow!

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