Halloween and 2 Months Old!

Originally posted 10.31.07

Sorry for the delay in the update! The boys have seemed extra “needy” lately and it’s been tough to get much computer time. The boys turned 2 months last Saturday – hard to believe its been that long already!

On Friday they had their 2 month check up, which included the first round of vaccination shots. They brought in 3 nurses to do the shots and Nick and I held the legs on two of the boys. One of the nurses counted to three and they all stuck the boys at the same time. The boys cried during the 3 shots but as soon as the nurses or Nick picked them up they calmed right down. Thankfuly this appointment wasn’t too difficult for Nick or me either, probably due to all the things we saw done to the boys while they were in the NICU. Unfortunately our insurance company denied our doctor’s request to give the boys the RSV prevention shots this winter. The shots run about $1500 per shot and they have to be given every 28 days from now through April, so insurance companies are stingy about who qualifies (we don’t because the boys weren’t born prior to 32 weeks, don’t have lung problems and don’t have older siblings). Needless to say, with prices like those we’re opting to not pay for those shots ourselves! Instead, we’ll have to be extra careful this winter.

All three boys are gaining weight very well! They’ve all at least doubled their birth weights. Jackson is now the heaviest (he passed Chase!) at 8 pounds 13 oz, Tyler weighs in at 7 pounds 15 oz and Chase is 8 pounds 7 oz. The doctor was pleased with their growth and gave Nick and I premission to drop some feedings. We’re easing them into it, but right now we’re only get up once per night with them! Yay for more uninterrupted sleep!

Next Friday we’ll be taking Jackson to Children’s Mercy Hospital to meet with a surgeon to discuss a plan for his herniated belly button. His belly button is sticking up about an inch (quite freaky looking), but doesn’t seem to bother him. The surgeon will decide whether we should wait to see if it heals itself (which I guess they often will) or if we’ll do surgery to correct it now. Herniated belly buttons are fairly common I guess, in fact Nick and his brother both had surgeries to fix theirs when they were babies!


Jackson, Tyler and Chase


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