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This morning was a chaotic one as I tried to get all 4 kids dressed and out the door for an early morning playdate. Didn’t help matters that Chase chose today to sleep until 8:30am, when we needed to leave by 9! Doh!

Anyway, I had just draw the winner for the Hallmark themed giveaway and it chose…

Comment #19, from Chrissy!

Here’s what Chrissy wrote for her “______ is a Special Occasion”

lunch…is a special occasion. I am always is a hurry to get lunch on the table before I wake my twin girls from their nap and then I sit there and hurry them through it, once it is served. I caught myself doing this one day and decided to change my behavior, which started with not making the girl’s luch before they woke from nap, but instead dressing them in aprons and making it an activity we could do together. So I get out the quesadilla or grilled cheese or pizza fixins and let them assemble their lunch and then I cook it while they tell me about their dreams or what they want to do for the day or we discuss things, like where does food come from and how to grow a garden, etc. This one act has changed our routine from mundane to magical!

Love it, Chrissy! Thank you sharing and thanks for reminding the rest of us to look for little changes we can make in our routine. I’ll send you an e-mail about your prize, but if I don’t hear from you by Wednesday morning I’ll have to pick another winner.

Time for me to get to work, business is crazy right now for which I am so very thankful! You can keep up on my latest sessions on my business blog or on my business Facebook page. And if you live in the KC area, I’m actually hosting a giveaway on my Facebook page until tomorrow sometime – just click the “Giveaway” tab on the left hand side of that page!

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