Growing Up

I realized something very profound this weekend. My boys are growing up. They’re getting older and bigger and more daring. I know, I know… Not exactly a newsflash here! Back in February when I registered the boys for preschool for this coming fall I found it weird to say they’d be in the 4 year old class, but that also still seemed so far away.

This weekend I was talking to my dad about how we were sad we weren’t going to get to head east this summer after all. I said “I know I say it every year, but hopefully we’ll get back next summer”. Then I realized something… by next summer, when we hopefully will make it to New England again, the boys will be about to turn 5! Oh my goodness. (That also will make it 4 years since our last trip east.) Yep, we will go to New England next summer.

In just over 2 months the boys will be 4 years old. Four! How did that happen so fast?

Finding playgrounds that are totally suitable for small toddlers is tough, so we’ve always played at playgrounds that have features that the boys really shouldn’t be attempting. High spots, openings at said high spots, and crazy ladders have always made for interesting and, at times, nerve-wracking trips to the park. Last night, I noticed the boys handling one of those crazy ladders with ease…

I sat by Lily’s stroller and just watched the boys climb quickly up the ladder, run to the triple slide, slide down and repeat. I didn’t once have to worry about someone falling or someone getting to the top of the ladder and being too scared to step onto the play structure. In fact, there wasn’t anything at this elementary school playground that I had to worry about with them. Last year I would have worried, but last year they were only about to just turn 3. Four seems so much older than three, doesn’t it?

Random side note about the coming birthday – I’d love to do a big series of giveaways again this year! If you have a business and would like to contribute or you know someone who has a business that might be a good fit, shoot me a message via the contact link above! Your prize can be good for kids or good for moms or dads!

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  • Adorable photos. They do grow up WAY too fast.ReplyCancel

  • My litle one is eight! not so little anymore. They definitely grow up way to fast. Count me in for the giveaway. I’d love to be a part of it.1ReplyCancel

  • Sara

    I had the same realization about my two girls who are 5 and almost 3 about a week ago as I watched my little one climb up and stand on the swing and proceed to swing herself standing up with quite a bit of control, just 3 months ago when we assembled the swingset, she fell off the swing 3 times in 2 days just trying to sit on it!ReplyCancel

  • My oldest is your boys’ age. I feel the same way about him and my almost 2 year old. I’m still a nervous wreck at the park due to my crazy monkey of a younger son though. I figure by the time my oldest outgrows the park, then my youngest will be able to truly enjoy it.ReplyCancel

  • Super cute post! We have triplet boys too, and they will be 2 at the end of August. RIght now parks are crazy stressfull for me, I am glad to see that there is an end in sight 🙂ReplyCancel