Great For Day Cares

Normally on Wednesday I would have The Video Clip of the Week, but I’m experiencing technical difficulty with that today. Hopefully it’ll be up tomorrow morning!

One night a month we load the boys up and head down the street to Sam’s Club. We only pick up a few select things that I have done a careful price comparison on. Some things definitely are cheaper to buy at Sam’s, but the bulk of our groceries and paper products are actually cheaper if you shop the sales, use coupons or buy generic at a regular grocery store.

While wandering Sam’s club the first time a few months ago I started noticing that a couple of the things we were buying were being advertised as “Great For Day Cares”. I guess it would make sense that we would be buying these same items… looking at our home you would think we were running a day care. So what “day care” items are we buying? Giant boxes of Goldfish (of course!) and 6 pound cans of fruit. Yep, fruit. Typically we go with good old fruit cocktail, but this month we changed it up and went with pineapple, which the boys love too!

It got me thinking, what other things in our home could be advertised as “Great For Day Cares”? Probably our Choo Choo wagon could. A woman who runs a day care once asked me where I got it. I’m willing to bet our Little Tikes Slide or Step 2 Coaster could be to. In fact, they probably are advertised as that somewhere! I wonder too if our Pit of Despair would be “great for day cares”. Ahhh the life of a family with multiples!

As a quick side bar, I know many people are fascinated by our tight grocery budget and probably are wondering what it is that we do buy at Sam’s… We buy a 5 pound block of cheddar cheese, a 9 pound box of oatmeal, a large box of French Toast Sticks (the boys love these for breakfast) and the aforementioned box of Goldfish and 6 pound can of fruit. All of that typically lasts us the whole month. We also occasionally feed Nick’s gum chewing habit by buying a box of his favorite gum – usually works out cheaper than buying it in a regular store, but not always.
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