Grandma Comes to Stay While Daddy Goes to Play

Ok, he’s not REALLY going to play but he is going to Disney World for 5 days. Just because he’s staying on the Disney campus (Coronado Springs Resort) does not mean he’s going to play…. no sir, he’ll be “working”. Nick’s annual Children’s Pastors Conference (aka CPC) has been held at Disney for the last couple of years, which I think is an appropriate place for a bunch of children’s ministry workers to hang out. Last year I got to tag along and Nick and I DID get to play for a couple of days. This year though is all business for Nick. So while he’s gone my mom will stay with me! In fact, as I type this she is on her way here – traveling from Maine to Kansas City, with a stopover in Detroit.

Things have been going well, especially now that everyone is getting plenty of sleep at night! Next Sunday the boys will turn 5 months – where has the time gone?! They’re doing lots of giggling, lots of screeching, lots of rolling and lots of grabbing at each other. I think I’ve had to take Jackson’s hand off Chase’s ear at least 4 times this morning.

Tune in next time for a 5 month update, my thoughts on Baby Einstein and other random things. Oh, and don’t forget to leave a comment! I still don’t know who is reading/visiting!

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